Do you have a child or teenager that is interested in learning to draw? No matter the level of experience, I can individualize a lesson plan that is tailored to anyone’s strengths and interests! You can find my resume here and all lesson plans below.

Each lesson is $125 / 3 hrs. Lessons are offered as a package that includes four sessions ($500 / package) or individually ($125 / session). Packages include Drawing Lessons 1, Drawing Lessons 2, and Drawing Lessons 3.

Contact me by sending me an email! I accept all payments through Paypal or Venmo. Payment is due before or on the date of each lesson.

All visual resources discussed will be sent to parents after each lesson, as well as an update on their child’s progress!

DRAWING LESSONS 1 - Characters, Environments and Storytelling

This is the perfect class to get a young mind working! I keep it fun and interesting by focusing on characters and stories, while making sure we cover the basics and fundamentals.

Lesson 1: Basics

  1. Intro / Learn strengths and weaknesses

  2. Basics of shape

  3. Basics of Perspective

  4. The Figure

  5. Home Exercise: Perspective Drawing of Living Room

Lesson 2: Figure

  1. 60 second gestures

  2. Facial Planes

  3. Dynamism, Weight

  4. Character Design: Forms

  5. Home Exercise: Design 2 Characters

Lesson 3: Comics

  1. Storyboarding

  2. Composition

  3. Telling Stories Visually

  4. Layout of Comics

  5. Home Exercise: One-Page Comic

Lesson 4: Environments

  1. Examples of great environments

  2. Environments in perspective

  3. Placing Characters in Environments

  4. Compose Environment

  5. Home Exercise: Compose Environment with Figure

DRAWING LESSONS 2 - Stylization, Technique and Handlettering

Get ready to dive in deeper with this tightening of stylistic skills! These lessons will help your child find his or her own expressive “voice” through intensive character design and handlettering.

Lesson 1: Character Design - Animals

  1. Animal Form Basics

  2. Animal Stylization

  3. Great Examples of Stylization

  4. Conveying Personality

  5. Home Exercise: Animal Character Sheet

Lesson 2: Character Design: Humans

  1. Human Stylization

  2. Great Examples of Stylization

  3. Conveying Personality

  4. Stylized Human Drawing Session

  5. Home Exercise: Human Character Sheet

Lesson 3: Handlettering 1: Styles and Simple Methods

  1. Handstyles through the Ages

  2. Poster Design

  3. Measuring Techniques

  4. Poster Design Session

  5. Home Exercise: One-Page Comic

Lesson 4: Handlettering 2: Dimensional Lettering

  1. Sanborn Map Breakdown

  2. Far-Out 3D Type

  3. Sanborn Map Exercise

  4. Name Exercise

  5. Home Exercise: Compose Environment with Figure

DRAWING LESSONS 3 - Mapmaking, Album Art and Digital Illustration


Lesson 1: Mapmaking:

  1. Technological Resources

  2. Mapping Out a Neighborhood

  3. Getting Started

  4. Mapmaking Exercise

  5. Home Exercise: Finish Map

Lesson 2: Digital Illustration 1

  1. Basics of the iPad / Pencil

  2. Procreate

  3. Utilizing Layers / Color Fills

  4. Client Prompt Exercise 1

  5. Home Exercise: Variable

Lesson 3: Digital Illustration 2

  1. File Types / Imports and Exports

  2. Brush Sets

  3. Transparencies

  4. Client Prompt Exercise 2

  5. Home Exercise: Variable

Lesson 4: Album Art

  1. Client-Based Input

  2. Brainstorming

  3. Album Art Prep

  4. Album Art Session

  5. No Home Exercise!